Genghis Khan Roast Lamb Review Daruma Honten. Anyone visiting Sapporo should not miss.

Hello, today I will take you to taste the grilled mutton Genghis Khan. It is a famous dish of Sapporo. If you travel and have time, you can come and try it.  Daruma Honten is located around  Susukino . It is not difficult to travel at all, I will review to see who will be.

We will start with Susukino station. Anyone who visits sapporo will probably be familiar with this area. Because it is both a shopping center, restaurant, hotel, accommodation that tourists Nimyom

Susukino Intersection Night bag

Coming out from the Susukino exit 5, walk straight as the picture above.

Walked to this building Let us turn right and follow the arrow.

Because the shop is quite small Only about 10 customers can accommodate more than 10 people, so the people who come to wait in front of the store can’t enter the first round Including myself, myself as well. Hilariously, I have to wait until someone finishes the meal and check the bill. Which I came in the winter Making when waiting in front of the store is very stupid

Genghis Khan

When the queue is reached, the shop will call you to enter. This restaurant can be eaten alone. Today I came to eat alone. Then you will get a private stove for roasting lamb, but if you come for 2 people, you can only get one oven

The part why is it called Genghis Khan? Well, the answer may not be clear whether or not it relates to the Mongolian emperor or not. But according to one theory, the ribbed steel frame used for grilling lamb and vegetables resembles a traditional Mongolian soldier’s helmet. Additionally, lamb is Mongolian and is not eaten very often in the rest of Japan.