7 places to visit in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is an old port city. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the south of Croatia the beauty of the landscape. And the charm of ancient architecture has made it the most prominent tourist attraction in the Mediterranean region. Makes tourists from all over the world come to see the beauty every year. This is not all. Dubrovnik’s Old Town was also list as a World Heritage Site by UNCESCO in 1979. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the city was touted as the “World Heritage Site” by UNCESCO. “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea”

1. The Old City Walls

Believe that fans of the Game of Thrones series will be familiar with the familiar face. Dubrovnik City Walls (The Old City Walls) this is more or less. Which in addition to being one of the scenes film in the series It is also an ancient city wall that is more than 1,000 years old, built in the 10th century and reinforced in the 13th and 14th centuries. It is about 6 meters high, 6 meters thick and 1,940 meters long. This made this wall able to tightly surround the community. And it is strong enough to resist the war in those days as well, but today the country is peaceful. There was no war like before. Here, it has transformed into a beautiful viewpoint. of the city and the sea  

2. Fort Lovrijenac

To the west of Dubrovnik’s city walls are Fort Loaf Ryan’s Almanack (Fort Lovrijenac) or the rocks of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar) The fortress is situated on the rocks, which grew out of the Great Wall of the ancient fortress, this is important. against the Venetian soldiers who wanted to invade the area. Who wants to come and see Fort Lovrijenac is recommended to visit along with the Dubrovnik city walls. Because the entrance fee is included in the entrance fee for the city wall.

3. The Rector’s Palace and Cultural Historical Museum

Rector’s Palace is still one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones as well. It is also a great place for art and architecture lovers. Since the palace was built in 1435, its architecture is a blend of Late Gothic and Early Renaissance, making its composition unobtrusive. very little

Even so, the palace went through many different events, including bombings, fires, and an earthquake in 1667, but luckily it was able to at least keep the palace intact. are has become Dubrovnik Museum of History and Culture There are more than 15,000 works of art on display, including spectacular paintings by artists. Dalmatian and Venetian descent as well.

4. Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury

Walk a short distance from the Regector’s Palace and you will see Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury or Church of the Virgin Mary Dubrovnik’s religious center The original cathedral was built in the 6th century but was destroyed by an earthquake. What we see here is a cathedral that was rebuilt in 1713 with Baroque architecture. Inside there are many important religious objects. The fragments believed to belong to the cross where Jesus was crucified, the gilded body of Saint Blaise, and the remains of important figures from around the world.

5. Stradun of Dubrovnik

Stradun of Dubrovnik is like a plaza (Placa) or business center. and religious and cultural landmarks in the city. including shops and many restaurants If we walk along Stradan Street, we will meet a lot of people walking, around, there will be occasional shows with open hats. This makes this street have a very bustling atmosphere.

6. Franciscan Church and Monastery

Next is the Franciscan Church and Monastery, a large complex that combines a place of worship, a library, a museum and a pharmacy in one place. The original building was built in the 11th century, but the building we see today is around the 17th century.

The Library of the Franciscan Monastery houses a collection of over 21,000 books for people to study. It also has the oldest pharmacy in the world. Built since 1317, it is filled with vases. and ancient ramjai bowls that still remain beautiful.

7. The Large Fountain of Onofrio

Visit The Large Fountain of Onofrio, located in front of the Franciscan Monastery in Square in the center of the city (Loggia Square) . This large fountain is a source of water for use in the city. It is very important for consumption and consumption in Dubrovnik. In addition, the area around There are other places of interest such as the Church of St. Blaise (Church of St. Blaise), the Baroque church and the Sponza Palace to visit as well.