Easy Beauty Rituals Around the World to Try at Home

Entrepreneur and acupuncturist, Amrit Singh R.Ac, spills the tea on four of her favourite cultural beauty rituals around the world. From gua sha to hair oiling, try these local ancient beauty secrets for wellbeing and to experience global traditions at home.

What do sheet masks, hair oiling, gua sha, and jade rollers have in common with exploring our world? Well for starters, these at-home beauty rituals from around the world are about to become your favourite kind of armchair travel. What’s not to love about an adventure from home that leads to healthy hair and skin? 

Ayurvedic methods, for example, have been popular now for the last few decades. 

But do you know about the rich heritage preceding the cultural beauty rituals that are blowing up on Instagram?

We’ve been aspiring to find ways to enrich our lives at home and recreate some of the magic we feel while travelling. Adding cultural beauty rituals to your self-care routine is a sure-fire way to experience something from a different part of the world right now.

For example, in Asia, people will go for acupuncture the same way they go for a haircut.”

I feel like people are more curious about Chinese herbs if they are a skincare ingredient.” 

Singh explains that gua sha is an important part of history. “This lineage of the tools is amazing.

“Think about how Korean skincare blew up and put the country in the spotlight. The same thing happened to India when yoga became a trend in the west. People are getting more exposed to cultures they wouldn’t normally think about because of beauty rituals around the world.”