Fat Submarine Cafe – Koh Larn Beach Restaurant

Let’s continue with the cafe on the beach of Koh Larn. The shop is locate near the pier in front of the house. And the inside of the shop, which even if it is not connected to an air conditioner.

Sea Space Koh Larn, another restaurant with a chill atmosphere on the sea side of Koh Larn. Because it is a restaurant on the sea side of Koh Larn that comes with a private small beach for us to sit and chill and watch the sea view And you can go down for a walk on the beach as well The store is designed in two floors.

designed in blue and white tones that give the mood of the sea. Will choose to sit in the shop, which is a cool indoor zone There is a clear glass to sit and watch the sea view from the store. As for the outdoor zone, the outside is pleasing to the eye. Even more in the evening Say it is very romantic. 

Indigo Cafe – Seaside Restaurant Koh Larn

Let’s continue to chill by the sea of ​​Koh Larn with the chic Koh Larn seaside cafe, Indigo Cafe, located within the seaside resort Koh Lan The shop is located right by the sea. You can sit and watch the sea view clearly clearly. The atmosphere of the restaurant is decorated in a modern style with a minimalist mood. 

At the same time, it is also chic by making a model sandy beach. Has a colorful beanback And the most stylish Must give it to the Heavenly Staircase that can walk up to take pictures with the beautiful sky and sea view. Ever