It’s time to get angry about excess baggage fees

After hearing how much Jetstar charges if you try to travel excess baggage with a heavy carry-on bag. Stewart Sowman-Lund gets good and mad on behalf.

It’s time to get angry about excess baggage fees

There’s nothing more satisfying than beating the system at its own game. Not paying for parking and not getting a ticket, not getting ID’d when you’re under 18, piling on heaps of clothes when you go through airport security. 

Anyway, this isn’t 800 words of Jetstar critique, although I probably have it in me. It’s about a very specific bone that I have to pick with everyone’s second favourite domestic airline: excess baggage charges.

Aaaaaaah Jetstar.

Anyone who knows me personally will know how threatened I am by basically any fine or fee. I’m someone who will fight any parking infringement as though my life depends on it. Got snapped driving in a bus lane? I’ll offer you my very best pro bono efforts to get you out of it. Speeding ticket? Sure, I’ll give it a crack. 

I spend an inordinate amount of time seething on behalf of other people about costs. My sleep paralysis demon takes the form of a parking warden. 

So when I heard Alice’s harrowing tale of Jetstar injustice, I felt personally affronted. I’d heard whispers of people being charged for heavy carry-on, but never thought it would be a reality.

And it’s not an isolated incident: several Spinoff employees have reported being similarly targeted in recent weeks, as has one of my friends excess baggage.