Kampong Kelam, the charming old town of Singapore

Kampong Kelam “Kampong” is a Malay word meaning village, while the word “Gelam or Kalam” means a long-leafed samad tree. Which in the past that can be found everywhere in this area. And it is use in shipbuilding, medicine making and cooking.

Kampong Kelam was originally a fishing village. Because it is locate next to the Rochor River, later in 1820. Which is the first era of Singapore colonial founding Sir Stamford Raffles (Sir Stamford Raffles) allocated this area. With Malay, Arab and Bugis communities

Sultan Hussein

It is also the residence of Sultan Hussein. And merchants traveling from the Far East Originally, Muslims who arrived in Singapore will live in a large house. With people traveling from the same hometown

By calling the lodges in this manner Pondok and named after their hometown, such as Pondok Java. This is the beginning of the introduction of Muslim culture. from various nationalities to Singapore.

Sultan Mosque

The golden dome of the Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan) is illuminate by sunlight. It is a landmark of Kampong Kelam, located on Bussorah Street. First built in 1824 to pay tribute to Sultan Hussein Shah (Sultan Hussein Shah). The first Sultan. of Singapore

The highlight of the architecture is the large glittering golden dome. The base of each dome is decorate with a glass bottom of a bottle donate by a poor Muslim. During construction to make every Muslim feel part of the mosque by this mosque. It was also register as a national monument in 1975.

Kampong present Ghelam is call the “Muslim district” and was renovate. Both liven up by bringing back the colors of the past Especially the preserve shophouses in Haji Lane, Arab Street. Baghdad Street and Bussorah Street.

Both have developed into a place full of stories. And beautiful art for the modern traveler passionate about learning and experience the culture closely.