“Luxury shopping In Paris”, the fashion city

A vibrant city like Paris Combining the modernity of fashion And a unique lifestyle This reflects the tastes and subtlety of the life of the Parisians as well. 

Another goal of visiting Paris It is inevitable that shopping in this fashion land. Loaded with a wide variety of brand names to choose from. If anyone is not an avid shopper Just visit the shops or luxury department stores. Was also full of inspiration

Galeries Lafayette

The most luxurious department store in Paris Just stepping in will be amazed at the grandeur. Along with the classic décor, there are various zones to choose from, and it also includes chic brands from young French designers such as Avant Premiere, Bloch, Marnoush, Monet, Rica Lewis, as well as famous boutiques like Blenciaca, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Swarovski, and moreover there is a Tax Refund, but the queue can be a bit long. However, you have to spare some time as well. Because if they were to walk all the way, they might not be all over.


Another luxury department store not far from Lafayette, next to each other, just a few steps away. A beautiful and famous department store Open for a long time since 1870, the interior is decorated with chic. Full of modern products Especially leading fashion clothes There are many world-famous brands to shop, such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Coach Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella MC Cartney, and many more. This would be better.

Bon Marche

An old department store with an interesting origins That started from a small living room Only in the house And with the concept that wants to fulfill the needs of women as much as possible Resulting in rapid popularity And became a big and luxurious mall today With a simple decoration that looks comfortable on the eyes Making this mall look modern all the time We will find a wide variety of quality products such as clothing and accessories. Cosmetic jewelry are both international brands. And famous brands from France Plus the price is not too expensive to pay out. There are also supermarkets selling quality food from all over France. And from all over the world Who focuses on light shopping? This is a good option.


Who says luxury only in Street Shopping? The most beautiful long street in paris Along the way are beautifully decorated and lined chestnuts. It is unique to this road that has it all. There are famous brands to shop throughout the line, such as Chanel, Valentino, Cartier, and many more. There are many brands of cosmetics as a stand-alone store, such as Mac is located here. If anyone has a store in mind, you can go straight ahead. Guaranteed to be pleasing to the ladies of the shopaholic, walking to the end of the way, we also meet the greatness of the French Arch

La Vallee Outlet ( La Valley Village Outlet )

If in the mall still can’t find what you like How about switching to the outlet shopping? This place is home to over 80 famous brands around the world, and more importantly, it’s cheaper than shopping at other stores. Which will reduce to normal already But if it’s a cell range, it’s a big discount, ranging from 30-60% cheaper, because it might not be the newest collection if you’re not enamored here. Letting out of the trend for a little bit is worth it. Is the first hand cheaper. Better than going to buy someone else’s second hand.