Our Top Travel Articles of 2022

Well into a new year and decade, our top articles from 2022 will keep giving for many years to come!

Last year, you just couldn’t get enough of Europe! From looking for off-the-radar destinations to knowing what to wear, there was no end to Europe inspiring your adventures in 2021.

Now that we’re well into a new year and decade (and possibly already thinking about our future travels) 2019’s top travel articles will certainly come in handy!

1. The capsule travel wardrobe you all needed

The perfect wardrobe for travelling in Europe is practical, stylish and comfortable. With baggage rules and weight allowances always in flux, we showed you how to build a capsule wardrobe to take the stress away from packing. It was your favourite article from last year, and we were happy to play stylist.

2. The least-visited countries in Europe

In 2019, you wanted to see a lesser-known side of Europe. With the onus being put on travellers to do their bit in combating overtourism, this article is perhaps even more critical now. Experience the culture and magic of this destination without contributing to the crowds by discovering these up-and-coming countries instead.

3. The year to plan a trip with friends

It’s a simple experiment, but if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! When you bring travel and friends together, the experience is awesome – to strengthen our argument we’ve got 99 quotes that say so. Because, if there’s one thing we learned in 2019, and we quote: “life was meant for good friends and great adventures.”

4. Walk hard, play hard

Thank you for inspiring us to get off our butts in 2020! We weren’t too surprised to learn that one of our top travel articles from last year was about the hardest hikes in the USA – you people just can’t get enough of exploring our beautiful world on foot.