The most popular destinations around the world

The most popular destinations around the world. Called the return to open the country, making the travel plans of many people start to have hope again. Today, The Passport brings everyone to add inspiration to travel with  attractions. The most searched for in the world From the recommendation of Booking to prepare. When it’s time we can come back to travel safely.

Unforgettable historical trip – Andalusia, Spain popular destinations

for the first destination with the most searched worldwide. It is an impressive and fascinating historical site in Andalusia, Spain, a unique destination where you can trace history. And it’s like stepping back in time and being part of historical landmarks such as Moorish culture and architecture. The majestic city of muslims

Abram Architecture which has been registered as a world heritage by UNESCO The palace was once home to the Sultanate of the Nasrid dynasty. But there are also beautiful views around. until you almost forget to breathe and imprint your unforgettable memories.

Immerse yourself in the majestic nature – Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is Germany’s largest state. and is home to world-class castles such as Neuschwanstein. and Nymphenburg In addition, the city also has a Bavarian Sea , Lake Alpine, representing the natural beauty of the appeal. for tourists around the world

Tourists who love the serenity and sparkling turquoise waters. Lake Constance Known in German as Boden, it is a natural border between Austria and Switzerland. It is a destination that you should not miss.

For anyone looking for a travel that has moved the body. after having to sit I slept in the house for several months. Lake Boden area There are many outdoor activities for you to enjoy.
From swimming, sailing, windsurfing, hiking and biking to admiring the beauty of the sunset. The reflection of the sun on the water at sunset and the fresh wind from the lake. It will help you become one with nature. and truly soothe your soul.

Fulfilling happiness simply in the city – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Very few people know that Sao Paulo is a whole state. and the largest city of Brazil This diverse city It is surrounded by the Serra da Mantiqueira peak that rises 1,500 feet (or 2,500 meters) above sea level.
and the ancient Atlantic forest in Brazil. As well as its beautiful beaches, Sao Paulo is one of the world’s top destinations for urban travelers looking to experience multi-ethnic cultural charms.