Travel to “Trang Province”, the edition of people without money

“Trang Province” is another famous tourist destination. Both in matters of natural beauty Traditional culture And food such as roasted pork or famous Trang cake This time we can Travel assistant like Traveloka takes you to Trang. The version of people without money and 5 accommodation in Trang, the price is cheap. First of all, besides the flight tickets, Traveloka recommends booking cheap Trang accommodation.

Because apart from being cheap You do not have to waste any aluminum. In the booking as well Or who still can’t choose where to stay? Traveloka has chosen for you and set 5 places to go and see.

Sri Trang Hotel – Sri Trang Hotel

The old and famous rowhouse hotel of Trang province. But the condition is not as old as age Because it gives a classic feel It seems to go back to Trang in the year 1952, when the hotel started to open a new one. Close to the train station and walking street, in addition to the value for money starting at the late 600

Sri Trang Hotel – Sri Trang Hotel

Chic hotel and vintage style rooms starting at over 500 baht on Rakchan Road. Mueang Trang District Anyone who goes to stay here is guaranteed to get a lot of photos. Because the hotel itself is beautifully decorated, highlighted in pastel tones In the room is a white tone. They are spacious and complete with all the amenities. Pleasing price and beautiful, cheap like this Do not miss it.

Modern accommodation in the heart of Trang Close to this train station and walking street. Maison de Cheer is decorated in a modern style. Free Wi-Fi is another good accommodation at a cheap price. For those who like to visit Trang, take a walk in the city. Have a good day.