As virtual meetups become the new norm, we expect your wardrobe has changed a little too.

Most of us have swapped jeans for joggers and makeup for a bare face, as all there is to do is chill in the house. BUT… that doesn’t have to be the case! Who says you can’t still get a little dressed up, get the drinks flowing and party with your friends over Zoom or Houseparty!


If your birthday has unfortunately fallen during the months of Coronavirus or you just miss a good night out with your best mates, there is no excuse to not celebrate.

The beauty of technology is that it hasn’t been too difficult to keep in touch with loved ones and mark important dates. So, be sure to throw yourself a banging birthday bash and make it a momentous occasion, despite what is going on outside. And hey, it will be one to remember that’s for sure!

Now, you can’t have a party without the party outfit, right!? Just because you won’t be physically going out, doesn’t mean you can’t get glammed up and show the world what they’re missing.

When planning your upcoming virtual festivities, why not set a dress code or theme for all your friends to follow. We’ve put together some virtual party outfit inspo to help you out…